Big D and Bubba have a magical studio. It's magical because it literally looks magical with all it's various blinking lights. It would be a great place to take a nap. The studio's vibe certainly helps bring you all the entertainment for your commute each morning. Big D gave us a tour of the studio and revealed some secrets of Patrick's office.

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As Big D starts the the tour, we see the hub of where some great radio is made. Bubba looks like he's piloting the starship Enterprise. With his two keyboards, four monitors and a Christmas tree behind him, he certainly looks like he's about to lift off.

Big D moves into Patrick's office. Oh wow. We start with his first shelf that has his many gavels from his time in debate in high school. Next we see the show's CMA and ACM awards. There is a big secret behind those awards, the good whiskey. As we move to the right, we find his next shelf that is basically a liquor store. There must be thirty bottles up there.

Patrick's record collection is pretty impressive. It's also the same records you hear on throwback Thursday. Patrick's office is basically a whiskey bar with other random stuff and a work computer.

Big D takes us back into the studio to look around some more. They've gotten some cool gifts over the years. We see various guitars, a skateboard, the stuffed Dalmatian that Keith Urban gifted Bubba because he's a fire fighter. The autographed Blue Angels plane is cool.

There you have it folks, the Big D and Bubba studio, the spot where your Monday through Saturday morning commute entertainment comes from on 101.5 KNUE.

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