There are few things Texans adore more than their beloved Blue Bell Ice Cream. Lovingly manufactured right here in the Lone Star State over in Brenham, Blue Bell is quintessentially Texan.

I've even heard friends who've moved away bemoan the fact that they can't have access to this one-of-a-kind ice cream. For many of us, Blue Bell tastes like happy childhood memories. It tastes like home.

Another sweet treat that rates high on our list of must-haves for every Texan? Coconut Cream Pie.

In fact, I've taken road trips in search of the best piece of coconut cream pie I've ever had. Did I find it? Well, I've found several. Texans are good are this particular dessert, too. So, it's hard to pick a favorite.

So then today we find out that Blue Bell Ice Cream's new summer flavor is Coconut Cream Pie and it's hitting our grocery stores today? Well, by default that's gotta be my number one.

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I mean, what an incredibly perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. I often love a scoop of Blue Bell with whatever pie I'm enjoying--but now, I can have my pie IN the ice cream.

Blue Bell Ice Cream describes their new Coconut Cream Pie flavor as "a rich, coconut French ice cream with flakes of coconut, tasty pie crust pieces and a whipped topping swirl loaded with toasted coconut. Available in the pint and half gallon sizes for a limited time."

Could anything sound more heavenly? Not to me. And maybe not to you, either.

Excuse me, I have to make a quick run...

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