Its hot. You really don't need me to tell you that, just step outside. But with that heat comes time to sit by the pool or the lake or at a water park for some family fun. That family fun could also include some Texas essentials like Dr Pepper, brisket and/or Blue Bell ice cream. Blue Bell is getting ready to introduce a new flavor that will arrive in your grocer's freezer tomorrow, June 23. Take a look at the tease and try to guess what it could be.

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Blue Bell took to their Facebook page to tease a new summer flavor Tuesday, June 21.

With that tease came a multitude of guesses. My personal thought was it will be a strawberry limeade sherbet. One other guess said strawberry lemonade while others in the comment section reminisced about their favorite flavors like Homemade Vanilla or Blueberry Cobbler.

All I know is, whatever the new flavor is, it will be delicious.

I'm thinking of some interesting concoctions you could make if it was a strawberry lemonade sherbet. Add some 7Up or Sprite and you've got an interesting, and very good, float. You could go the adult beverage route and add a Texas made vodka.

Either way, this new flavor will be a nice addition to your summer picnic. The new flavor will be stocked in your grocer's freezer starting Thursday, June 23.

We'd love to hear your guesses, too. Tell us in the chat in our station app.

Check your favorite grocery store tomorrow or check back here tomorrow morning as we'll post the official announcement. Either way, our taste buds will be super happy with us.

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