Kickstarter campaigns can be a true shot in the dark. You like the idea the inventor has but a lot of the times the invention just doesn't pan out. I think Bubba has learned this lesson the hard way.

If you're one of the people that has contributed to a Kickstarter campaign, watching Bubba show off this product may seem very familiar. Bubba got Big D and Patrick together to show off a product he is super excited about called Draft Top Can Opener. It's idea is to take the top off your soda can. By taking the top off, it turns the can into a cup.

Cool idea but it's not like using the tab to open the can to enjoy a beverage was anything cumbersome.

Bubba took his Draft Top Can Opener and put it on top of his soda, gives it a twist doesn't come off. He also splashed some soda on the counter and enough got on the can opener to make it stick. Soda cans really aren't designed to be used this way.

Bubba puts it on again, gives it another twist and as he attempts to take the top off, it falls into the soda. Nice try Bubba but I think we'll enjoy our cans of soda the traditional way. Even though his backing of this Kickstarter wasn't a 100 percent success, it sure was funny to see the fail.

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