Chris Lane has had a nice run on the country charts lately. His current tune, "I Don't Know About You", made it four top 20 songs in a row on the charts. He is back with a brand new song called "Big Big Plans". Listen to it below:

He stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio to talk about the new song and his first ever live performance, which is a fantastic story.

Chris was just learning how to play the guitar and he recruited his brother to play drums, who was just learning how to play, too. He promised a venue he could pack the house. The venue agreed to pay him $450 but he had to have a full band.

So Chris paid a couple of his buddies to stand on stage and act like they were playing while he played guitar and his brother played drums. The house was packed, Chris got to enjoy some cheese fries while on stage and it was good enough that Chris was invited back the next week to play.

Yeah, Chris Lane come a long way since then.

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