If you are one of the folks in East Texas who uses a real tree to celebrate Christmas, you can begin the recycling process of said tree the day after Christmas, December 26, in Tyler. Just take all the decorations, lights and any other festive additions off the tree and drop it off at two of Tyler's parks.

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Most East Texans have taken to using an artificial tree to decorate and put presents underneath. However, there are some who still love to use a real pine or spruce tree to get them in the festive spirit. Once Christmas is done, that tree can't be taken apart, folded up and placed in a box for storage, it has to be disposed off.

Once you get all the decorations, lights and any other festive additions to the tree taken off, you can have your real tree recycled. Just load it up and head to either Golden Road Park of Fun Forest Park in Tyler and drop it off near the "Christmas Tree Drop Off" sign. One similar to this:

City of Tyler
City of Tyler

You have until January 17 to drop off your real tree. After that, the city will take the trees for recycling.

For the area fisherman, you are welcome to stop by either park and pick up a tree, or trees, to drop in your favorite fishing spot to create a special spot for fish to hide or feed on the insects that will use the sunken tree as a home.

If you have any additional questions, contact Belen Casillas with Keep Tyler Beautiful at (903) 531-1335 or e-mail at bcasillas@tylertexas.com.

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