Dan And Shay have taken over the internet with their brand new song "I Should Probably Go To Bed." The video alone is worth the three minute watch. It's pretty wild.

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Like most of us, Dan And Shay have had to sequester at home. In that process, they have both still been working and recording music. Shay Mooney began talking about where he's recording, it's a guest bedroom with a mattress leaned against the wall and hanging blankets. It's a quick solution to control sound when recording.

Dan Smyers talked about a custom microphone that was built to suit Shay's voice perfectly. All in all, they spent around $50,000 on studio microphones. He gets a little nerdy talking about the specifications in the interview above. That microphone paid off, though, as Dan And Shay were recording at home, including their new song "I Should Probably Go To Bed."

Dan And Shay have been on this ride for eight years now. They have not had the chance to sit back and take a look at the success they have had over that time. It's one good thing that has come from the pandemic for both Dan and Shay.

In between recording, they found some other activities to keep them busy. Dan talked about staining his fence using a brush. It took him a week but he's proud of the results. Listen to the full interview above.

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