Let's get to the facts first - Martin Estrada is the guy sitting on top of the Taylor County deputy's car. He was being transferred from Wichita County Jail to the Taylor County Jail according to star-telegram.com.

How did he get there?

He wiggled one wrist out his handcuffs and busted out a window. He threatened to commit suicide if the officer didn't stop the vehicle. The officer didn't. So Estrada decided to climb on top of the car to escape.

Not to smart there, dude.

You'd think Estrada would figure out how to get away from police. Nope. He's been arrested for evading arrest four times before. Four times!

I'm gonna give him some points for creativity. But he failed the dismount so it's all for naught.

He's in the Taylor County Jail charged with 10 offensives. Five are from prior and more recent evading charges plus two counts of burglary, two counts of possession of meth with intent to sell and one count of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

His total bond is $680,000.

Maybe he can get some lessons while behind bars. But I don't think he'll learn anytime soon.

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