Talk about big government! The Overton police chief shut down a lemonade stand on Monday because the girls running it did not have the proper paperwork.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Zoey and Andria Green wanted to raise money to buy their dad tickets to a water park for Father's Day, so the 7 and 8 year-old kids started a lemonade stand. However, they did not purchase a permit, which costs $150.

The stand was hoping to raise just $105 by selling lemonade and kettle corn. After setting up shop, Overton Police Chief Clyde Carter showed up.

After light negotiations with the girls' mother, Sandi Evans, Carter agreed to waive the city permit fee, but said he had no power over state law requiring that health officials inspect and approve any facility selling refrigerated beverages—like lemonade.

"It is a lemonade stand but they also have a permit that they are required to get," Carter told KLTV News.

The girls did find a loophole in the law, though. They could give away lemonade while taking donations. After news of the incident became public, Texans on social media pledged money and Splash Kingdom Water Park offered the girls and their dad free tickets to the park.

The two girls were able to reach their goal and learn a valuable lesson on big government.

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