Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend, East Texas friends! I hope you're planning a weekend of fun and relaxation with those you love.

These days my family and I keep the Easter weekend rather simple. We're mostly a relaxed group anyway. But especially now since most of my immediate relations are fairly grown up. Everything is pretty peaceful and everyone manages to avoid annoying anyone else--for the most part.

However, once upon a time, a much younger version of myself behaved in a way that not only likely shocked the Easter Bunny, but shocked my parents and definitely annoyed the HECK out of my older sister.

Many years ago, there was this one Easter in particular when I was a very, very bad little girl.

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Tara Holley and sister, Tonya
Tara Holley and sister, Tonya

So in our house, the Easter Bunny liked to do things a little bit differently than some. "He" liked to hop in during the night when we were still sleeping, much like a springtime Santa might. He'd sneak in and HIDE our Easter Baskets. Yeah, much like many families do Easter egg hunts, we'd have Easter BASKET hunts.

And so, one bright lovely Easter morning, my sister and I wandered around the house-- giggling and whatnot--until we ran across our absolutely beautiful and enticing candy-filled baskets. Honestly, I kinda wish we still did that. That was so much fun. Who cares that I'm a million years old? ;) Anyway, I digress.

After we found our baskets, I saw my very favorite candy in my sister's basket and that's when my evil plot was hatched.

We sat and munched on the various Easter candy options. Ya know, the Peeps, the chocolate bunny, and of course one of those weird Cadbury Eggs that I still don't understand why people like. And of course: REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER EGGS. OMG.

Yeah, I was a sucker for those. Still am, actually. And when I saw my sister had two in her basket (just like I did) my tiny brain figured she'd never notice if I snagged one of them and put it in my basket. I figured I would replace it with extra malted milk balls or that aforementioned Cadbury concoction. And no one would ever notice, right?

I figured of course no one would notice cuz, after all, it was the EASTER BUNNY who put stuff in our baskets--and he wasn't around to tell anyone my sin.

Any guesses about what happened next? Yeah, I'm not a good liar. My sister was casually looking thru her basket when:

WAIT. What happened to my Reese's Peanut Butter EGGS!?

~My very angry older sister


Well, then my parents got involved. They asked me point blank if I'd taken them, which I denied as vehemently as one can at that age. Yeah, that didn't go over well. My parents returned the coveted candy to my sister and glares were freely given the rest of the day.

Bottom line: Don't steal candy from your relatives' baskets. Don't be a greedy little glutton-face. I dunno.

Still don't know how my parents found out. ;)

Dang you EASTER BUNNY!!!

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