One of the greatest movie franchises of all time is Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. There is no convincing me otherwise no matter dumb you think my last sentence is. To say I'm excited for Bill & Ted Face The Music is an understatement. Bill, Alex Winter, took some time to get on the phone with Big D and Bubba and talk Bill & Ted but also his new documentary.

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So yeah, Alex Winter hasn't done much acting since Bill & Ted but he's had his hand in directing various TV shows and documentaries. He latest documentary is called Showbiz Kids about how grueling it is for kids in Hollywood.

Of course, you have to talk about Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third in the Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure movie series. I'm on Bubba's excitement level for this movie.

I do not care if this movie is good or bad, it will get my money. Probably twice. "Be excellent to each other. And party on dudes." The perfect message to hear in 2020.

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