So often, it seems like the headlines we read are mostly fraught with BAD NEWS.

It's can be exhausting, for sure. But here in East Texas, when we run across stories of people being kind to other people in Longview, Hallsville, Tyler, Kilgore, and all around East Texas, it's a reminder that there are still so many good things happening in this crazy world of ours.

This is a prime example of East Texas people looking out for one another.

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Earlier this week, at the Super 1 Foods located on Highway 80 in Longview, a Longview woman, Stephanie Pena, stopped in to do her grocery shopping. When she was ready to check out, she'd planned on using Apple Pay. Unfortunately, their machine to handle that kind of transaction wasn't working. Normally, she'd have just used another payment option, but she'd left her cards at home.

Longview, Texas resident, Stephanie Pena, said it wasn't a problem and asked if they'd just cancel the order and she'd come back in the next day with cards in tow.

At that moment, one of the managers at the Super 1 stopped her and offered to pay for her groceries. She told him not to worry about it and that she'd be happy to return the next day.

Instead, he insisted and her grocery bill was taken care of. Um--WOW.

Stephanie said she wasn't expecting such kindness and that it made her night knowing that there are still good people in the world. A kind deed, truly.

We can't confirm this for sure, but various other people commented that they bet it was "Mr. Gary." Apparently, he is known for his kindness and the 80 location is well-known for going over and above to take care of their customers.

And apparently, Stephanie isn't the ONLY Longview, Texas resident who has experienced kindness from Super 1 employees.

In the same chat, another lady commented that she'd experienced something similar at the Super 1 location on High Street.

Her WIC didn't cover all of the items she needed. So rather than asking her to put the items back, the Super 1 employee offered to pay the difference.

THIS is such a great example of experiencing great customer service that you can only get when you do business with East Texas-owned businesses.


Have you experienced incredible customer service at an East Texas-owned business? Let us know in the comments so we can brag on them!

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