Patrick is one of the easiest people to scare. It can be as simple as hiding behind a door and stepping out or appearing from around a corner with a quick yell. Honestly, you could probably snap your fingers behind his head at a random moment and scare him. It's easy but always so much fun. We'll label this scare as more of the sneaky kind.

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We've all had those moments sitting at our desk working on a project and are just in the zone. You're completely oblivious to any and everything around because you're deep in the zone. The same goes for Patrick when he's in his booth. Big D decided to take advantage of the moment. He took out his phone to record, walked up to Patrick's booth window and let the waiting game commence.

It took about thirty seconds of watching Patrick performing his duties in the booth before he gets the sense that something may be a little off. He starts to look up and, boom, a scare without having to do anything but stand there. Patrick is not impressed and gives us a not safe for work moment. This video, however, gave all of us a great laugh. Mission accomplished.

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