Collin Raye is one of country music's favorite artist. With songs like "Little Rock", "Love, Me", "I Can Still Feel You" and "My Kind of Girl", you can see why. He has a brand new album, Scars, with the title track being a duet with Miranda Lambert. Collin sat down in the Big D and Bubba studio to talk about the new album and about his biggest hits.

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I think we all learned something new after all these years, Collin Raye is not his real name. Collin's real name is Floyd Wray, with his nickname being Bubba. His record label gave him the name of Collin Raye because they were afraid some stations wouldn't play an artist named Bubba Wray. It's really interesting to hear Collin tell the story of his name change.

Collin talked about his new album, Scars. The title track is a duet with Miranda Lambert. The song is written by Collin's brother, Scotty Wray. Miranda actually wanted to record the song for herself but she later thought she wasn't old enough to tell the story. When Collin decided to record the song, he asked Miranda to sing on it with him. She agreed and recorded her vocals for the song.

When Collin first heard "Love, Me", he didn't "get" it. Skip Ewing is the cowriter of the song and when he heard Skip's demo, they didn't get at first that the song was about signing the end of a letter. When he recorded the song, he asked if they could had a pause between "Love" and "Me" just to show that's what's the song is about.

Listen to the full interview with Big D and Bubba at the top of the page. It's cool to get to revisit Collin Raye's career. Listen to Big D and Bubba Monday through Saturday morning on 101.5 KNUE.

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