Florida Georgia Line are getting ready to notch another number one song in the belt with "I Love My Country." BK and Tyler took some time to get on the hotline with Big D and Bubba to talk about new music, quarantine and missing the road.

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The interview opens about how "I Love My Country" has become the ear worm of 2020. You can't help but mouth the hook of the song at a random time, "I love my country. I love my country." If by some weird chance you haven't heard it, take a listen below.

The good ole COVID-19 virus has disrupted their lives like everyone else. They've been staying home for the most part and being safe when they head out with their families.

Big D talked with the guys about their fashion line. His biggest question was the need for some XXXL shirts, being a big guy and all. If you head over to shopfgl.com, Big D will be happy to know that XXXL shirts are available. Always nice to be able to get more than a hat.

"I Love My Country" is on Florida Georgia Line's 6 Pack EP. This is to tide fans over until they can finish their new album. They'll also be back out on the road with Kenny Chesney's rescheduled tour next year, hopefully, if all this is cleared up by then.

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