The conversation started out great with Maren about people they follow on Twitter but somehow got twisted into an annual Insane Clown Posse comic con type convention. Gotta love Big D and his squirrel mind sometimes.

Maren's current hit is "Rich", a song about how a man's relationship ignorance could turn into a lavish lifestyle. The video also stars her husband, Ryan Hurd. Check it out below.

Maren Morris got the opportunity to tour with Niall Horan, who was a member of the uber popular pop group, One Direction. She talks about some of the crazy fans that would follow them around during the tour.

Maren recorded a song with the pop artist Zed called "The Middle", that will probably end up being the song of the year, that is also Patrick and his fiance's song. Patrick wanted a version of "The Middle" that they could slow dance to at their wedding. Even with the buttering up that Patrick did, it most likely will not happen but would be entertaining for us if it did.

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