OK, so EVERYONE makes mistakes from time to time, so obviously this is utterly forgivable.

Especially when we're talking about one of our most beloved Texas restaurants--Dairy Queen.

At the same time, we're talking about DAIRY Queen. Ya know...dairy--as in ice cream, for example?

So just imagine the surprise of these Hallsville, Texas DQ customers when they discovered upon arriving home that the Blizzards they'd ordered, though full of all that yummy goodness we adore in our Blizzard treats, they were missing a pretty important element: Um. ICE CREAM.

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Not that we don't LOVE lots of little pieces of Heath Bar or Reese's Pieces.

However, the ice cream is a somewhat important element when it comes to creating that signature sweet, soft-serve concoction.

Carol Fory said they discovered they'd sent them home with 2 FULL CUPS of Blizzard topping...sans ice cream. Honestly, from one perspective that's pretty awesome. Because how often do our Blizzards come with that much candy goodness--even when we order "extra stuff?"

Hallsville, TX DQ, google maps
Hallsville, TX DQ, google maps

Looking at some of the comments on this post in one particular online social media group, some just thought it was hilarious. Others said they'd also had "issues" at this particular location in the past. And still others said that's the best part of a Blizzard anyway, so...

It wasn't clear whether or not the customers took the Blizzards back or not. Maybe they stopped by a grocery store to get some ice cream to mix with their over-abundance of candy topping.

I have a feeling they didn't do the official Blizzard "upside down test" at the drive-through window. You?

It's all too funny. But now I'm wondering... I wonder if I could go to DQ and request a full cup of nothing but cookie dough?

Hey, don't judge. It's worth a shot.

And hey, if you REALLY love ice cream...

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