High Valley always entertains us when they sit down in the studio with Big D and Bubba. Starting out, we learn that Bubba and brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, or High Valley, have a friend in common on social media. To which the brothers have enjoyed rabbit with said friend.

Their first CD wasn't really their first CD. Kinda. They had ordered albums for their hometown in Canada. What they got was their cover art but the the album was actually the Wizard of Oz soundtrack.

A buddy of theirs takes mail order demos from people. High Valley got a hold of a couple of these. "Chocolate Chip Cookie" could be a bonafide hit for someone.

High Valley is out with a brand new tune, too. Give it a listen below.

They also have a hair care line called "Hair Valley". Here's how you use it, put it in your hair. Patrick will be the new spokesperson for "Hair Valley".

It's always a fun time with High Valley in the studio.

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