In a strange story out of Smith County, Texas, we learned over the weekend that a Houston area attorney was killed outside a Bullard residence after what we can assume was over an alleged stolen truck. The attorney's behavior was certainly out of the ordinary which lead to the resident seemingly having to defend himself and his finace from the attorney. Let's get into the events that unfolded late Saturday morning (February 4) in Bullard.

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What Happened

At around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, February 4, the Smith County Sheriff's Office received a call of a suspicious person in the Bullard area around Lake Palestine. Officer's were told that a man had unlawfully entered a resident's home in the 15000 block of Treasure Cove. The man was confronting the resident because he thought the resident had a truck that belonged to him.

The homeowner was able to push the man out of the home and locked the door. After some time had passed, the homeowner went outside to check on the truck presumably to make sure the man had not done any damage to it. That's when the man returned to the homeowner's property.

After the Man Returned to the Property

This time, the man was told that authorities were on the way. According to the homeowner, the man seemed to be having some kind of mental episode as he was  shouting an unknown woman's name. Then the homeowner's finace came outside which seemed to aggravate the man even further. The man began to move toward the couple aggressively.

That's when the homeowner began to tell the man to stop moving or he would shoot him. The man began yelling death threats at the couple and continued to move toward them. The homeowner was forced to shoot the man once in the chest (

Mark Anthony Correro

Authorities arrived on scene and began administering CPR until EMS arrived. The man, later identified as 50 year-old Mark Anthony Correro, was pronounced dead by EMS. An autopsy has been ordered and the investigation into this incident remains under investigation.

Correro is a Houston based civil litigation attorney. He has a couple of high profile cases under his belt, too. Correro represented Deutsche Bank during the Enron class action lawsuit and was part of a suit in Harris County involving police raids in Ethiopian and Somali communities there (

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