Luckily, I've never had to spend any time in jail. I did get in trouble enough about a decade and a half ago to have my own mugshot visible for every one to see, something I am not proud of and had to pay a big price for. While I think that my offense was pretty egregious, at least I won't be facing charges like these 22 individuals will be in front of a jury of their peers.

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The Ugly Side of East Texas

As nice as East Texans can be, its no secret we can have a pretty big share of not-so-nice people in our area, too. These not-so-nice folks will commit petty crimes around us like stealing a yard tool we leaned up against our house. Others will take that criminality to an extreme level and get violent. For the 22 individuals who were arrested over the last five days or so, only a couple were violent with most being brought in for drug possession.

Drug Offenses

I'm not here to debate the drug laws of Texas. But in our state, you can be brought in if caught with a certain amount of a controlled substance on your person or in your vehicle. Doesn't matter if its marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl or any other type of drug, you could face some serious time behind bars if convicted.

Violent Criminals

A select few of these arrests involved individuals that were more violent in nature or people who can't control their alcohol and are facing their third DWI arrest.

All individuals are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers.

Over the last five days, 22 individuals were booked into the Gregg County for various offenses. About three quarters of these arrests involved an illegal drug. The rest were made up of violent offenses and third DWIs. See those individuals below:

22 Felony Arrests in Gregg County, Texas 1/25 - 1/30/2023

Crime does not pay and these individuals, if convicted by a jury of their peers, could be spending a lot of time in jail for their offenses.

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