I confess, lately I've been going through a slight case of "quarantine grief." Even though things are beginning to open up in East Texas, I think the weeks of worry and, to be honest, sedentary and isolating behavior, are finally catching up with me.
Even during normal times, one of the quickest ways to give me a boost is shaved ice. So, especially right now, this sounds like the perfect antidote to the blues. And let's be clear: when it comes to shaved ice, it doesn't get better than Kona Ice.
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Ya know what makes it even better, though? Having Kona Ice deliver to your front door! And THAT is exactly what they've been up to lately. It's their new Kurbside Kona. They announce on their Facebook page what city they'll be in and if it's yours, you can book your Kona Ice delivery and they'll deliver curbside. Er, Kurbside. ;)
That means, you can have your coconut lime or bourbon black cherry shaved ice brought to you--no crowds. You've pre-paid online so need to worry about that either.
They've also committed to following the state guidelines and health department standards for safety.
Learn more and book your delivery of delightful-ness here. I'll be over here trying to decide what flavor.
Decisions, decisions.

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