Someone's in trouble!

A listener called into Big D and Bubba about a picture he saw on a banner outside an apartment complex. The listener noticed that the guy in the picture looked a lot like Darius Rucker. He said his wife Googled the picture and it's a photo of Darius Rucker and his family.

Big D and Bubba had the guy text the photo to them at 800-667-8686. From there, Big D and Bubba got ahold of Darius to ask about this.

Bubba texted the photo to Darius as they were talking to him and as you might expect, Darius was completely unaware of his "endorsement" of this apartment complex. Someone is going to be hearing from his legal team.

Darius took it in stride. He said that it was a picture used for his family's Christmas cards. This business somehow thought it would be a good idea to use it on their banner.

I hope no one's rent went up to pay for the legal fees. That would suck.

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