Sam Williams is the son, and grandson, of country royalty. His father is Hank Williams, Jr.. Yes, Bocephus. Meaning his grand father is Hank Williams, Sr. That's some big steps to follow. However, he's doing it his way but still recognizing where his roots come from.

He stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio to talk about growing up with Hank Jr. (listen above) as his dad and perform one of his dad's classics, "Weatherman" (watch below).

First we got to hear some stories of his dad at home. Yelling "What?!" in the phone if someone gets his order wrong and how much he loves hunting. Listening to the story of trying to learn to play the guitar is great.

He talks about how he approaches talking music with his dad. There is not much advice giving. There is no "Hey dad, here's a new song. Whatcha think?" He did say that Hank Jr did cry when he heard his son's version of "Weatherman".

He sounds so great. Best of luck as he continues his country music journey.

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