This Summer's America's Got Talent was pretty good. Magician Shin Lim won this year because of his amazing close up magic. The dude had some amazing visuals in his tricks, some happened right in front of our eyes. He deserved the win.

Big D's son Zack likes to do magic and has gotten pretty good himself. He performed a couple of tricks for Bubba, Patrick and Carsen.

His first trick involved him writing a prediction on post it note and having Carsen pick a card from the deck. He took her card, two of clubs, and added to the next card, seven of hearts, to get nine. He then counted nine cards from the top of the deck. On the ninth card was the prediction he wrote on the post it note.

Next was his "ring on a string" trick. He put a ring on a string and was able to remove it from the string without breaking it. He even put it back on the string just by laying the folded string on top of it.

Pretty impressive dude, pretty impressive.

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