The conversation starts out talking about tattoos. Specifically, one a fan of Big D and Bubba were shown that featured Big D on a dude's belly. Big D described it as being a prison type tattoo.

Chris Janson started talking guitars. He talked about a special guitar he uses to write his songs. It's a $25 Yamaha he bought many years ago. He used it to write "Buy Me A Boat", "Fix A Drink", "Drunk Girl" and more. Basically all his biggest hits. That guitar even has a couple of cool autographs on it, Dean Dillon and Merle Haggard.

Chris' wife is in the video for his new song "Done". He talks about how he doesn't want anything to do with an actor playing his wife in a video. If he's going to feature himself in a relationship in a video, he brings in his wife. He just doesn't believe in it, which is really cool in this day and age.

He closes out with a story of Charlie Daniels personally calling him to be a part of Charlie's Volunteer Jam. He was humbled that he is at a point that Charlie Daniels can call him.

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