Big D and Bubba have kept us entertained all throughout the quarantine from candid phones to extremely easy questions to talking to our favorite country stars on the phone instead of being in the studio. Craig Morgan broke that streak by visiting the studio before Memorial Day thanks to the USO.

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Craig Morgan was an Army Ranger. Well, "was" just means that's what he did before he started singing, so he knows of the importance of the USO. Craig has done numerous shows for our men and women over seas. With the current pandemic, those shows have had to adapt a bit to still entertain but keep everyone safe.

With Big D and Bubba broadcasting on Armed Forces Network (AFN), the USO teamed up with Big D and Bubba to bring Craig Morgan into the studio to chat and perform some songs for us and our military members across the globe. Craig told some great stories of his USO trips and performed a couple of great songs.

First is a song called "Solider."

Wow! Next up is "Sippin’ On The Simple Life".

Both songs are available on Craig's new album God Family Country which is out now.

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