John Rich is one half of the duo Big and Rich. He also does his solo thing, as does his Big and Rich partner, Big Kenny. He has his own whiskey, writes songs, has a TV show, John Rich does not stop. He found some time somewhere to talk about all of thee above, including his new song, "Earth To God," in the studio with Big D and Bubba.

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It's weird that a conversation would start about sleeping but they did. Just goes to the unpredictability of having a conversation with John Rich. John has to listen to some boring dude to go to sleep. We also learned that Bubba does not sleep well at all.

The conversation turned to a new song that John Rich wrote. It is a song that you would not expect to come from him and actually surprised himself. It's called "Earth To God" and it has a message we need more than ever right now. If you haven't heard it, listen to it below.

What a great song. What a great message.

It's really cool to hear John Rich talk about how he came about writing the song. When you purchase the single "Earth To God," the tithe goes to Samaritan's Purse, the organization lead by Franklin Graham that provides assistance to those in need during national disasters.

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