Lee Brice is an East Texas favorite. Lee Brice is also good friends with Big D and Bubba. Remember Big D and Bubba's Game Night last year at Liberty Hall in Tyler? They got on a video call with Lee as part of their show. It was like we were eavesdropping on a conversation amongst some friends. Just like when Lee got on the hotline with Big D and Bubba, it was a lot of fun.

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He's currently in the top 10 with his current song "One Of Them Girls." Check out the great video below.

Big D and Bubba called Lee Brice and caught him on the way to filming a video for his new sponsor. With musicians not being able to perform, they have to find different ways to bring in some income. That's all Lee is doing with this sponsorship.

We've been fortunate in the radio business being able to work through this entire pandemic. Lee found it fascinating that Big D and Bubba still came to studio instead of working remotely. We all did, actually. At least there was that bit of normalcy for us during the lockdown.

Getting into music, Lee has a new album coming out November 20 called Hey World. It sounds like his next single may be the title track "Hey World". It has a message of trying to shut off the noise of the world. Something we all need to do, especially today.

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