Riley Green is out with a new song you've been hearing on KNUE, "I Wish Grandpas Never Died". Such a great song. Listen in the interview above about how he came about writing the song and how going viral convinced his label to release it as a single.

In a way, we all can make a connection to this song. For those that have lost their grand parents and were very close to them, this song will definitely hit home. For those who may have never known their grand parents, this song makes them think of the stories that could have been.

There are some other life questions asked in the song, too. Give it a listen below:

That is soooo good.

Riley Green came onto the country scene with an upbeat tune about a girl that catches a dude's eye in the crowd at a show. Check out the video for Riley's debut tune, "There Was This Girl" below:

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