Big D and Bubba love LOCASH. Not only for their music, but also because LOCASH are fellow alien conspiracy theory believers. It is always fun to hear them talk about aliens together. Oh, and there is music, too, to discuss.

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Aliens. That's how everything got started as always when LOCASH is on the show. They talk about how the government has alien technology that is being reverse engineered. There is a dude, Bob Lazar, who had been a part of Area 51 and has been saying what was going on there.

LOCASH are close to a General that can't say anything because, as the general said, there are a stack of lawyers involved with him talking about anything alien related. If nothing was going on, why the lawyers? It's a great question, actually.

LOCASH go into a story of their own UFO encounter. They were on the Alabama Georgia state line, in the middle of nowhere in an open field and there is a light hovering above them. No cell phone towers, no city lights, just a silent, hovering light. It hovered for a while then disappeared.

LOCASH and Big D and Bubba are the perfect pairing because they can talk and talk and talk about the alien stuff and it's fun to listen to. The full interview is at the top. It is an entertaining conversation.

The only music talked about was of LOCASH's number one hit, "One Big Country Song."

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