Maren Morris is one of the leading ladies in country music and also about to have her child. So it makes perfect sense that she would visit the Big D and Bubba studio to get pregnancy advice? They did give her some insight into the delivery of their own kids with Bubba's wife having a natural birth with all their kids and Big D's wife having a natural birth but also a cesarean section with one of their kids.

Maren's husband is also a rising country star, Ryan Hurd. He will be doing the dad thing and support Maren in the delivery room.

Maren Morris is still doing shows, too. She talked about the difference between doing private shows versus a sold out arena. The main difference being getting used to the crowd of a private event not reacting the same to her songs compared to her fans in the audience.

She's not slowing down after the baby arrives, either. Her first show is two months after the birth. She is converting her tour bus to accommodate her and the new baby. Get the full conversation in the interview above.

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