New artist Tyler Rich is gaining a pretty big following because of his debut tune "The Difference". Big D and Bubba invited him to the studio to get to know the new singer.

Like many artists, his musical tastes were based off his parents. His mom, the country fan. His dad, the rock and roll fan. As Tyler says, he got into the punk and skater music in his younger days.

He came into country in the early 2000's after hearing Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me".

He's even a huge Potterhead. This for sure put a smile on Carsen's face as the two engaged in a big talk of all things Harry Potter.

Big D found some super hard Harry Potter questions to quiz both Harry Potter fans. The questions kinda stumped both of them.

Listen to the full interview above which includes his debut song "The Difference". If you pick up his EP on Amazon Music, you'll get an acoustic cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" that's great.

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