Big D and Bubba brought in a gentleman to their studio who has one of the best stories of getting into country music. His name is Larry Fleet. While you may not have heard of him yet, after reading his story and listening to his music, you'll want to know more.

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Larry Fleet was like a lot of those who wanted to get into country music. He put a band together, headed out on the road and made his pitch to record labels. Even with all that hard work, the deal he was looking for never came to pass. Knowing he needed to pay bills, he came back to work pouring concrete.

Larry kept at it, though, playing small events around his area. One such event was in a barn in the middle of nowhere. He got his band together and began performing that night. The night was going great. During a break, Larry got word that Jake Owen was going to be stopping by. Someone at this event knew Jake and invited him out.

Larry got back on stage with Jake Owen in the audience. Jake was so impressed by the performance that after the show, Jake Owen asked Larry if he would quit his job and join him on the road. Larry honestly thought this was a joke.

The next morning, Larry Fleet got a call from Jake Owen asking again if he wanted to join Jake on his current tour. He agreed. After that show, Larry to went to his boss and told him the story and that he needed to quit his job to pursue this opportunity. That was three years ago. Larry Fleet got his break.

Larry came into the Big D and Bubba studio to tell his story and perform for us. First we heard "Where I Find God."

Then we got to hear "Working Man."

Larry Fleet is the real deal. Find out more about Larry at

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