Do you have a coworker like Patrick? Maybe a significant other like Patrick? What are we talking about? Patrick has squeaky shoes and it's driving Big D crazy! This sounds like a case to go before the Big D and Bubba court.

I've had shoes that squeaked before. They were sneakers that had the air pockets in the soles and one of them was leaking. So, step *squeak*, step *squeak*, it drove me nuts. I replaced those shoes as soon as I could.

Patrick has a fairly new pair of shoes that his fiance bought him, but every step he takes, there is a loud squeak. To prove what Big D was hearing, they hooked up a microphone to record Patrick walking.

And there it is. A very loud, very pronounced, very annoying squeak.

What is Patrick's punishment? Well, being that Viveca, his fiance, bought the shoes for him, he can't just throw them away. So it looks like Big D is just gonna have to keep being tortured by Patrick's squeak.

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