Way back in the year of our Lord 1990, Reba released an album called Rumor Has It. The album is the most iconic of her career. Among the many hits on the album is "Fancy", a song originally recorded by Bobbie Gentry in 1969. Reba loved the song and wanted to cover it. She took some time to get on the hotline with Big D and Bubba to talk about the anniversary of the album.

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She told the story of wanting to record "Fancy". It wasn't until she got with producer Tony Brown, who loved the song as well, that she was able to record it. It served Reba well. When you think of Reba, you think of "Fancy". She even talked about the dress change during shows and how they make it happen. It's a mix of velcro and fasteners and lots of practice.

She is up for a CMA award this year, Musical Event of the Year, for her part in "Be A Light" with Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, Hillary Scott and Chris Tomlin. She talked about knowing Thomas since he was kid. She had the same manager as Rhett Atkins, Thomas' dad. Reba mentioned about a photo of Thomas when he was a little kid.

We all love Reba. We love her album Rumor Has It. Pick up the anniversary collection, which is out today (September 11), that includes a vinyl copy, CD, lithograph and more. Get more details at reba.com.

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