Thanks to the quarantine, we have no idea what day it is. It could be Wednesday, it could be Sunday, it's really Monday but let's think it's Thursday. With that thought process, let's watch a Throwback Thursday video of Big D and Bubba.

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We're gonna take you back all the way to April 22 of 2011. Remember 2011, we could go outside, we didn't have to wear masks, we could wear real pants. Big D and Bubba thought it would be fun to fry some of our favorite sugary treats called peeps.

Oh yeah, they made the batter to dip them in, took out a row of peeps, dipped 'em and fried 'em up golden brown. Top it off with some sweet drizzle and boom, fried peeps for all to enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed the process. Stay till the end of the video as they give the directions for you to make them at home.

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