Football is the king of sports in Texas. It can be high school football on Friday night, flag football league during the summer, college football, a backyard game on a Sunday afternoon or the NFL, it doesn't matter, football is a beloved sport here. The Dallas Cowboys pretty much rule the fandom in the state as far as the NFL is concerned. The mayor of Dallas, however, feels that the football fandom of our state could handle cheering for another Dallas franchise.

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In early May, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson put out a tweet suggesting that Dallas could support a second NFL franchise, just like New York and Los Angeles do now. He would want that team to be a part of the American Football Conference (AFC) which would leave the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football Conference (NFC). This could potentially lead to a cross town rivalry and have the potential for two Dallas teams to play in the Super Bowl in Dallas (a lot has to happen for that scenario but it could be possible.)

While all of that sounds great in theory, it would be hard to pry away a fan base that is extremely loyal to the Dallas Cowboys.

The second part of this discussion would be "what does Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have to say about this?" Well, he has spoken out on the subject so let me take a moment to try to dissect some quotes from MSN about what Jerry had to say about the subject.

Well, I like the mayor. I like him personally, but he doesn’t have the depth. He doesn’t have the knowledge that others have regarding how unique Dallas is and how we enjoy the interest in the Cowboys.

In other words...

The mayor is a great guy but because I won three Super Bowls 25 plus years ago, I know everything about football and he does not.

He wouldn’t want to water that down as it relates to Dallas if he knew as much, and has spent as much time in sports as I have.

In other words...

The team would probably be run better than what I've been doing since the Cowboys won three Super Bowls 25 plus years ago and I can't have my ego trampled on like that and actually make me hire real football people.

You can be rest assured that you would not have the NFL supporting another team because of the kind of value that the game and the NFL receives of having the Dallas Cowboys as one of its marquee teams and again, logic tells you the NFL wouldn’t want to water that down.

In other words...

Everyone tells me I have the greatest team in the NFL and I believe them even though we haven't won anything since we won three Super Bowls 25 plus years ago.

So yes, of course Jerry Jones doesn't support a second NFL team in Dallas. Why? Because he may have to actually work and turn over his team to some people who have an actual knowledge of football and can hire the right people, not just "Jerry's guys."

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