Big D and Bubba brought Brothers Osborne onto the show through the Big D and Bubba hotline. The duo have a huge hit right now with "All Night"  from their current album Skeletons. Big D and Bubba tried to trick them but also talked about body hair and getting back on the road.

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Before Big D and Bubba got Brothers Osborne on the phone, Big D came up with the idea of tricking them into thinking they were talking to a different radio show. Big D and Bubba came up with Josh and The Twig on the Country Turnip. As great as it sounded, the ruse lasted about one minute. Brothers Osborne were not fooled. It was still pretty funny though.

Bubba wished they could have been talking in person. Big D wanted a visualization of what the studio looked like from Brothers Osborne. They speculated it was dark, looked like the starship Enterprise and lots of chest hair. Yes, this conversation quickly turned to body hair. Specifically, Bubba trying to grow chest hair using hair products.

Big D and Bubba are weird.

Luckily, the conversation quickly turned to things picking back up for the duo, including writing new music and getting back on the road. Depending on the situation, the brothers have learned that "no" can actually be a good thing. Even with all their early success, the break during the pandemic has allowed them to not take that success for granted.

Their current single, from the album Skeletons, "All Night", is making it's way up up the country charts. Take a listen below if you haven't heard it yet.

It's a jam.

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