I can remember as a teenager in the 1990s living in Lindale, driving to Tyler, Texas was the quickest and best option for entertainment. Problem was that entertainment was very limited. Going to the mall or bowling or catching a movie was about all the entertainment options available then. In a way, those are still the only options. Below I'm going to make a plea to the City of Tyler to open up and provide more entertainment options to a city that is in desperate need of it.

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Options as a Teenager in Tyler

As a teenager, going to Broadway Square Mall to shop or drop a roll of quarters in the arcade was an option when finding some entertainment on a weekend or during the summer. You could go bowling but Green Acres Bowl was the only option at that time and sometimes took a couple of hours of waiting to get a lane. Putt-Putt Golf and Games was a fun and affordable option. You could also catch a movie. That really was all there was to do growing up. Sadly, minus a couple of exceptions, that's really all that's still available today. Sadly Putt-Putt will close soon because of their landlord selling the property (more on that HERE.)

Young Adult Entertainment Options

As a young adult in the early 2000s, entertainment was basically going to Click's Live (R.I.P.) or any other bar or just going to your friend's house to have a good time. The entertainment options outside of grabbing a drink was bowling, at you guessed it, Green Acres Bowling, or catching a movie.

More has Become Available but More is Needed

Now, in 2023, entertainment options have somewhat increased. Times Square Grand Slam has been a phenomenal upgrade. It has a huge and fun arcade, laser tag, bowling and catching a movie all in one place. Tyler has had no problem supporting this establishment based on how packed it is every weekend.

Tyler Needs More, Though

Even if it's something similar to a TopGolf or a Dave & Busters, that's a start. It doesn't even have to be the TopGolf or Dave & Busters branding, the names are copyrighted but the concepts are not. Tyler is getting to the size that entertainment options MUST increase. A concert venue would be great. Even a small amusement park the size of Splash Kingdom would be a fun option.

Come on City of Tyler

To the City of Tyler, please open up and let this town be more entertaining. Tyler has an exhausting amount of places to eat. We need to balance it out and add some entertainment options, both for the family and for the adults alike. The night life of Tyler needs to open up as well. Midnight, or 1 a.m. on Saturdays, can no longer be the cut off point. Let's make it happen Tyler officials. Tyler's growth depends on it.

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