Justin Moore has been a longtime friend of Big D and Bubba, hence all the short jokes. It's always fun when he stops by the studio. Justin did help Big D and Bubba when they were searching for their Tanooki. Patrick brought him in so Justin could check it out.

Of course Big D had to throw in a short joke as he does at least once every time they talk to him. The joke was that Tanooki is taller than him. Good stuff.

Talk turned to Justin's new album which will be out July-ish. On that new album is a great new song called "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home." Listen to it below.

It was funny how Justin didn't know much about what his merch guys sold. Bubba asked about if CD's were sold at his shows, Justin didn't know. It sounds like Bubba wants CD's, vinyl, cassettes, digital, all of it to exist together.

The question of doing a collaboration with Mark Chesnutt, which I think we can all agree would sound great.

Pick up Justin's new album coming out in July.

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