Kane Brown is one of the hottest stars in country music right now. His current single, "Cool Again," is a top 10, and a probable number one very soon. He took some time to join Big D and Bubba on the hotline.

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Bubba brought up how Kane Brown and Nelly are friends. Kane confirmed that Nelly is a pretty big fan of country music. Makes sense, Nelly has a history working with country artists. Nelly is even part of the remix of "Cool Again." Kane also hinted at a country music project involving Nelly.

The conversation turned to Kane and his trucks. He likes his jacked up trucks but is downgrading, sort of. He has 1978 Ford with only 10,000 original miles on it. Wow. He plans to add a Mustang motor to it. It already has a four inch lift. Sounds pretty sweet.

For Kane Brown fans, he won't be back on stage, live, until next year. The pandemic twenty hasn't skipped Kane, either. He says he's developed a gut and is working out to get rid of it. He wants to get his body to that of a young Tim McGraw.

Mixtape Volume 1 is out now and has "Cool Again" on it.

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