Kane Brown took some time to stop by the Big D and Bubba studio to talk about his new album, Experiment, his mystery cologne and his show trucks.

Kane's buddy, DJ Silver, bought this unknown cologne from a store in Utah. They have no idea what kind it is, though. They have bought all of it so we wouldn't be able to find it anyway.

They got to talking about the last time Kane visited and got Patrick to try to get in his lifted truck. The video went viral just for the simple fact that no body believed Patrick got into it without a ladder.

Kane does build show trucks, too. Everyone has to have a hobby, right?

Kane has released his second album, Experiment. The album has his current hit "Lose It". Big D made a comparison of this album being one of those that you will always go back too. Like albums by U2 or Van Halen. The album, pun intended, was a bit of an experiment.

Pick up the new album if you haven't already.

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