Recently, a man who was driving a limo shared a warning on a social media group page that focuses on what's trending in Bullard, Texas.

He was warning about what sounds like a kidnapping scare at a mall in Tyler, Texas. He said in the post that he'd "read about this happening around our area, but [that day] he actually witnessed it."

Since the time this post was originally shared, others have come forward to comment that they aren't sure of the truth of the story. One commenter even said that one of the local news outlets in East Texas tried to investigate the story and was unable to find evidence that it actually happened.

Here's what allegedly occurred according to the original post:

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A couple of days ago, a man shared that he had spent an afternoon driving a limo in Tyler, TX when the people for whom he was driving requested stopping off at the mall in Tyler. However, he pulled over to let them go in and then parked the limo and went inside, too.

The man said he was stopped inside the mall by a 13-year-old girl.

The man who was working as a limo driver said he was approached by a weeping 13-year-old girl who he said grabbed his hand in the mall. According to his online social media post, the girl said something akin to:

"They are trying to take me. Please don't leave me."

The driver said he then walked around with her in the mall seeking to find a security or police officer.

The post went on to say that while he still had a hold of one of her hands, another man came and grabbed the girl's arm and pull her away. The limo driver said he pushed the guy away. Another person allegedly saw this happen and tried to go after the guy who'd tried to grab her away. Unfortunately, the man escaped their efforts.

While it is always a relief to hear this girl was kept safe, if it did in fact happen this way, the next part was obviously concerning. The driver said they eventually did find a police officer. But, according to the post, the cop said this was the THIRD time something like this had happened in the past two days.

Whether or not the story occurred the way it was shared or not, the man who shared the warning ended his post with a sentiment that we are in 100% agreement with:

Please, please keep an eye on your children. It's an unfortunate reality that there are those, even right here in East Texas, that seek to prey on the most vulnerable among us.

While we can't confirm the truth of this particular story or what the intention may or may not have been in sharing, it's no secret that human trafficking happens every day--even here.

While we can't live in continual fear, we can be vigilant when it comes to protecting our kids or anyone that we love.

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