Kip Moore is a country music favorite. He's also a fan of keeping independent theaters and music venues open during this pandemic. With most concerts and events cancelled until probably the middle of next year, one thing that's been hurt seriously hard is small entertainment venues. Liberty Hall in Tyler has suffered a lot during this pandemic. They have found some neat ways to stay "open" but it has certainly hurt not having an audience. Kip Moore got on the hotline with Big D and Bubba to talk about how he's helping those small venues.

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Kip Moore is an outdoorsman. He loves to get out into nature and rock climb or surf or just about any other outdoor extreme sport. He recently starred in a Ford commercial for their new Bronco showing off his outdoorsman lifestyle.

Kip Moore is also a big supporter of small entertainment venues. He has joined with Music Venue Alliance Nashville to help out the struggling independent music and entertainment locales in the Nashville area.

But that support extends past Nashville. Through, you can donate to the national cause of keeping venues open but also find out how you can help your local venues. Those venues are important not only for the local economy but also for any local artist trying to get their start and also for us to get out of the house for much needed entertainment.

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