Kip Moore is doing something kinda unique on the road right now, he's showing up and playing an almost all request show. Pretty cool concept. People are loving it, too. These shows are selling out.

He's got a brand new song out called "She's Mine" that will be on a new album coming out late Spring of 2020. The tune is pretty cool, too. Give it a listen below.

The conversation turned to a story of Kip Moore and Patrick in a hot tub. Patrick was in the hot tub by himself. As soon as Kip joined him, all these girls started showing up. Patrick made up a song about that event. Let's just say the song was, sarcastically, amazing.

A fun fact about Kip Moore is that he is an avid surfer. He talked about taking a couple months off every winter to take a trip just to surf. Pretty cool.

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