Each week my good friend Rita Ballou takes the time to collect the wittiest, most topical and random tweets from the Texas scene. Then after she gathers them, I steal ‘em. So please reward my laziness by checking out Last Week in Texas + Red Dirt Tweets.

@dirtyriverboys: It is pretty surreal to meet a living legend. Thanks for having us last night @willienelson


@NotJakeOwen: I think Mindy McCready did a wonderful job playing Hayden Panettiere’s mother on last night’s show. #nashville

@sean_mcconnell: Thank you for your prayers. Tonight my mother in law, my wife, and my DAUGHTER are all flying home to me. Words fail. Praise you God!

@WadeBowen: Nothing cooler than this.


@charlierobison: Recording is goin great. Y’all are gonna love this record. Not one divorce song.

@departed_music: Nasal mist should never be said in public.

@RascalFlattsNot: Y’know those jeans @LukeBryanOnline always wears? Do they make them for men, too?

@CharlaCorn: I cried when I got off stage last year and this year was no exception! #feelinthelove #ranchbash


@johndavidkent: “Daddy, I need the flyer kill!” Otherwise known as a fly swatter….

@JackIngram: All together now…”BARBIE DOLL!” Nothin like a good old fashioned bike rally in West TX!!!


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