It seems like everywhere I go, both in real life and online, people in Tyler, Texas can't stop talking about this place when it comes to comfort, "soul food."

Have you had the chance to stop by and try Legacy Tables Restaurant on Bow Street in Tyler, TX? I confess I've not as of yet. But after so many people go on and on and ON about how amazing the food is at this place, I'll definitely be trying it as soon as possible.

Here are just a few of the reviews we've been reading from East Texas people:

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Paula Fields of Tyler had this to say about Legacy Tables in Tyler, TX:  "Great service, the food is amazing very friendly and professional my #1 soul food spot for Tyler tx and it is in North Tyler. I salute all who are involved."

Sandra Mauls-Mast said they have "very nice employees! Beautiful clean atmosphere. Open when they post their hours - so dependable! Good food."

Demetria Scott-Forest said they have "Great food…food for the soul! Like Sunday dinners at grandma's."

Food like "Sunday dinners at Grandma's" is all we needed to hear to make a beeline over to Legacy Tables.

They're located at 900 West Bow Street in Tyler. Check out their Facebook page to double-check their hours before you head over there. And according to Tyler area resident Kim Turner (with whom I had a lovely chat earlier this afternoon), you'll want to also check out their daily specials--apparently, they offer different, delicious menu options every single day they're open.

Have you been to any restaurants in East Texas that you are LOVING? Let me know at so we can sing their praises online!

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