Mitchell Tenpenny has had a long road to find his success. But he's finally found it as an artist with a tune called "Drunk Me". He sits down with Big D and Bubba to talk about his journey among other things.

One of those things, Mitchell's height. He talks about how his doctor said he'd be 6'3" when he turned out 5'10". There were not short jokes like with Justin Moore, though, which could have been fun.

The conversation turns to beer puns. I mean, why wouldn't it. His songs are "Drunk Me", another song on his album called "Alcohol Me" and one called "Mixed Drinks". Someone likes alcohol puns in their tunes.

Patrick even passed down some song knowledge to Mitchell about "Good Directions" from Billy Currington. The song was written by Luke Bryan and was supposed to be on his debut album but was dropped for another song. Billy picked it up and took it to number one. And it's still popular today.

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