Luke Combs is burning up the charts again with a great ballad "Better Together." Definitely a big change from his barn burner of a tune, "Lovin' On You," Luke's last song to climb the charts. He took some time to get on the hotline to talk with Big D and Bubba about his new song, Craig Morgan and which "Luke" comes up first in a Google search.

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Big D started out by playing a game with Luke Combs by seeing which "Luke" would come up first on Google. Combs guessed that Luke Cage would come up first. Luke Combs actually came up first on both Big D's Google search and Bubba's Bing search. That was ahead of Luke Bryan, Luke Perry, Luke Evans, Luke Combs' wife and Luke Skywalker. Pretty cool.

His new song is called "Better Together" off his second studio album, What You See Is What You Get. There is a deluxe version that released October 23, What You See Ain't Always What You Get that includes six new songs including "Six Feet Apart" and "Without You." Check out Luke's "Better Together" performance from this year's ACM Awards.

We found out that Luke lives close to Craig Morgan. Big D wanted to know if Craig has gotten Luke into all the prepper stuff Craig is into. Craig has not approached Luke about it but they do hang out from time to time.

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