Maddie & Tae are back with some brand new music. So what better way to show off that new music then to visit Big D and Bubba. Of course, with those two, it's always a blast.

Big D decided to bring out his basement scented candle. Patrick hates it but the girls weren't opposed to it. But Maddie has a super sniffer, apparently, so they didn't light it up. We learned, too, that one of Tae's quirks is she can fall asleep anywhere. A power we all wish we could have.

This summer, Maddie & Tae will be on the road with Carrie Underwood's tour. That's a pretty big deal. And, they're the act that comes on before Carrie. That's huge.

They ended with a Maddie & Tae versus Patrick name that tune. Maddie & Tae got 2000's country tunes and Patrick got 2000's pop music. Maddie & Tae were very good at singing the tunes but couldn't guess the artist or name of the song. Patrick wasn't much better. It was a pretty intense game, though.

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